RKD provides a suite of strategic counsel to senior marketers and C-suite executives throughout our client roster. Counsel often involves ongoing strategic input to ensure optimal, integrated fundraising results are achieved – even if we are not the vendor of record. Our clients trust us to build robust strategic plans and corresponding budgets across a variety of channels to build and support fundraising efforts to acquire, cultivate and retain donors.

Strategic Execution

Our strategy team delivers digital, print and media solutions that enable us to drive more long-term net revenue for your cause. Working hand-in-hand with our creative and analytics teams, our strategies maximize the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns. The strategy team at RKD is focused on providing clients with:

  • Testing and optimizations that drive higher conversions
  • Tangible and actionable insights that drive performance across every channel
  • Detailed reports with measured results that are easy to understand and act upon

This enables us to continually adapt our approach to maximize your return. Increasing new donors. Cultivating existing donors. Raising giving activity. Reactivating disengaged constituents. Exceeding fundraising expectations.

The Right Approach

It all comes down to the numbers. Which is why our strategists maintain a rigorous multivariate testing model across every phase of your multichannel marketing plan. RKD continually tests direct mail campaigns, website landing pages, TV ads and more to identify an ideal strategy that will drive higher conversion. Small increases in one simple metric can lead to massive increases in gross and net revenue.

Campaign Improves New Mid-Level Donor Program

The stewardship campaign was an extreme success, generating appreciation calls while raising over $1 million in revenue.

A Competitive Analysis Yields Donor Acquisition

Our first step was to perform a competitive analysis within the market to determine what was working and what was not.

Integrated Video Campaign Increases Revenue

We generated an 21% increase in response rate from mid-level donors by incorporating a creative video campaign.

Updated Holiday Catalogue Boosts Growth

We helped Save The Children increase their revenue 5 times by updating their holiday catalogue.

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