Big data can help provide big results for your organization. With the power of predictive intelligence, we can help you leverage your data to develop a fundraising strategy with every advantage possible.

Custom Solutions

RKD offers a suite of custom analytic services with several components than can be deployed separately or combined into one application to further enhance results. These models enable you to:

  • Optimize acquisition lists and models
  • Provide greater insights into performance
  • Leverage geographic optimization
  • Uncover strategic needs to retain more valuable donors

Our analytic tools determine key metrics that enable us to evaluate performance related to the average gift and response rate needed for success. We also work along the way to fine-tune each campaign – whether digital, print or media – and optimize long-term value for your donor file. This helps you determine the exact communication strategy and creative that will keep your constituents engaged and prevent them from going dormant.

Strategic Analytics

We help you employ forward-looking predictive intelligence to truly understand key drivers that are dictating program performances across all levels of your multichannel fundraising plan. We help you uncover hidden patterns to identify the ideal short, mid- and long-term solutions for your organization.

Campaign Improves New Mid-Level Donor Program

The stewardship campaign was an extreme success, generating appreciation calls while raising over $1 million in revenue.

A Competitive Analysis Yields Donor Acquisition

Our first step was to perform a competitive analysis within the market to determine what was working and what was not.

Integrated Video Campaign Increases Revenue

We generated an 21% increase in response rate from mid-level donors by incorporating a creative video campaign.

Updated Holiday Catalogue Boosts Growth

We helped Save The Children increase their revenue 5 times by updating their holiday catalogue.

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