About Us

Combined with RKD Group, we have more than four decades of nonprofit expertise and next-generation digital and analytics capabilities. Together, we provide our clients with a powerful partner poised to help them achieve breakthroughs never thought possible.

RKD Alpha Dog

More than 40 Years of Inspiring Donors

We exist to help people find meaning and significance by connecting donors and members with organizations that are working to make the world more humane, just and compassionate.

Dedicated Team of Experts

When you partner with us, you put the vast nonprofit experience and award-winning pedigree of fundraising and marketing professionals to work for your organization. We work tirelessly to help you build deeper relationships with donors and grow net revenue for expanding your missions. We help you buck the status quo and take your place squarely at the forefront of nonprofit fundraising.

Committed to Your Success

With billions of dollars raised, we’ve helped hundreds of nonprofits acquire funds to fulfill their missions and make a lasting impact on our world. We see our work as a calling, not an occupation. You see it in the way we work with you, building bridges across departments, fostering better collaboration and working toward common goals. We work with you, hand-in-hand, to achieve breakthroughs that increase your donor reach, spark meaningful constituent engagement, and fuel your multichannel fundraising.

When you partner with us, you gain:

  • Extensive expertise optimizing mature, complex fundraising programs.
  • A proven track record of helping emerging nonprofits increase awareness, build a donor base, and increase giving.
  • Strategic planning, results-driven creative, and advanced analytics reporting.
  • A team of seasoned, direct response and marketing professionals from both the nonprofit and commercial worlds.
  • An array of channel experts who provide leading-edge strategy and ensure seamless integration.

Are you ready for your

RKD Group raises millions annually for hundreds of nonprofit organizations, including hunger-relief, animal welfare, hospitals, social service, health, disease research, and faith-based charities.

RKD Group’s data-driven, technology-enabled, multichannel approach accelerates net revenue growth, builds long-term donor relationships, and drives online and offline engagements and donations.

Let’s get started on your fundraising and marketing breakthrough.